Genetically compromised incest baby born by siblings dies hours after birth


Genetically compromised incest baby born by siblings dies hours after birth

A baby boy, born to two siblings who committed incest, has died within hours of his birth due to being severely genetically compromised.

The boy was born in Dustlik, Uzbekistan, but is said to have had numerous birth defects because his parents were brother and sister.

Footage captured the baby crying in an incubator as a nurse wiped the dry, scaly skin on his bum.

His mother, born in 1994, was 35 weeks and four days pregnant when she gave birth to the boy, the Uzbek Health Ministry said on June 28.

The boy was her second child, the first was born to a previous husband, and the pregnancy was normal, added the Ministry.

However, despite the doctors’ best efforts to revive him, sadly, the newborn died just two hours and 10 minutes after he came into the world.

The Uzbek Ministry of Health said: “It is known that in medicine it is proven that in most cases, children are born with various genetic defects due to the marriage of close relatives.

“In particular, because of such families, the unborn child may develop dangerous diseases such as congenital mental retardation, chromosomal disorders, Down syndrome, severe mental and physical retardation.

“Therefore, we ask young people who are preparing to get married, first of all, to undergo a medical examination, and then to start a new life, to avoid marriage between close relatives.”

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