Nurse accused of inducing her pregnant friend into labour, killing her, then stealing the baby


Nurse accused of inducing her pregnant friend into labour, killing her, then stealing the baby

Police has arrested a nursing student accused of inducing her friend into labour, killing her, and taking the baby as her own.

Victim Victoria Karina Hernandez Callejas, 21, was found dead on July 9 inside her friend Gloria Estefany Ramirez Carias’s home in San Antonio del Monte, El Salvador.

She had been seven months pregnant.

Suspect Gloria Estefany Ramirez Carias, a 22-year-old nursing student, was arrested by National Civil Police on Saturday, July 23.

Ramirez Carias had also been pregnant but had lost her baby weeks earlier due to health complications, reported local media. So, she stole her friend’s baby and passed it off as hers.

Close relatives of the victim told local media that Victoria had left her home in Nahuizalco on 8th July to attend an antenatal check. But she stopped answering her mobile phone and later failed to turn up to work.

Her relatives started looking for her, but police informed them of the sad news the following day.

Victim, Victoria Callejas

According to the investigation, Ramirez Carias had gone to Jorge Mazzini Hospital in Sonsonate with a man and a baby.

She told staff she had given birth at home, but they notified the authorities after finding her story suspicious and noting that she did not physically resemble a new mother.

Cops arrived at Ramirez Carias’s home, where they found the victim’s body.

The authorities did not release the man’s identity.

An autopsy gave asphyxia due to mechanical compression of the neck as the cause of death.

But the victim’s relatives told local media that Victoria’s body showed signs of multiple head injuries apparently caused by a machete-like knife.

The investigation also found that the victim had apparently been induced into labour.

Investigators presume a person with specialist midwifery knowledge participated in the delivery, meaning there may be another arrest to come.

Police also arrested the victim’s long-term partner – who is the baby’s father – for his alleged participation in the crime.

Police did not detail how he is believed to have participated.

One of Victoria’s relatives, who chose to remain anonymous, told local media: “She was about to turn 22 in August. She was happy at becoming a mother.

“Her and our dreams have been taken. It’s a very difficult moment for the family.”

Ramirez Carias is charged with aggravated homicide, imperfect aggravated homicide and simulation of pregnancy or childbirth.

Victoria’s funeral took place on Sunday, July 24.

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