Rau.nchy couple caught Having fun on paddleboard in the middle of the ocean (video)


Raunchy couple caught making out on paddleboard in the middle of the ocean (video)

A nkd couple has been spotted making out on top of a paddleboard off the coast of a beach.

In the video posted to Twitter, the woman is seen lying on the paddleboard while the man kneels on the board and gri.nds against the woman.

They were a fair distance away from the shoreline and the videographer had to zoom in to get a clear view.

Twitter users have responded, hailing them for the excellent balance that prevented them from falling off.

Others slammed them for not waiting to get a room.

“Who the f…..k gets that hor.ny?” one Twitter user asked.

“I’m more impressed with the balancing there, exemplary,” another wrote.


Watch the video below.


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