Travis Scott stops concert and orders fans dangling from truss to get down


Travis Scott stops concert and orders fans dangling from truss to get down

Months after people died at his Astroworld concert, Travis Scott who held a new show on Monday night, July 4, paused for some minutes because several fans were putting themselves in danger.

TMZ reported that Travis opened for Meek Mill at the Coney Art Walls in Coney Island. He took the stage at around 8 PM, DJ’d and then performed.

The crowd was packed in, so much so that a couple of concertgoers climbed up a lighting truss and dangled as they watched Travis perform.

Seeing what was happening, he stopped the show and ordered the fans to climb down from the truss. They followed his orders and the concert went on.

Travis is currently facing multiple lawsuits over the Astroworld tragedy, with some of the victims and victims’ families alleging he should have stopped the show before the crush. He has however insisted he didn’t see or know what was going on, and neither did the police at the show.

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