6 Ways To Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels Naturally And Never Feel Depressed Or Anxious Again


2. Exercise

Exercise boost our level of endorphins in such a way it elates our mood; keep us active, happy and good. (Endorphins is a neurotransmitter that keeps us in the mood as it helps to strengthen the muscles). Keeping and staying fit renews some organs and cells that boost your dopamine level.

3. Avoiding Distractions

Distraction takes away good vibes, affects thought processes, concentration and preventing one from achieving set goals. Staying focused is the key to achieving the goals being set and doing something worthwhile and better afterwards.

4. Keep Company With Happy People

Taking a time out to really enjoy yourself; having a get together with family and friends, taking a leisure helps you to forget your worries and fears and also makes you to appreciate the beauty of life and keep you positive. Having people around you stimulates your chance of dopamine level – the positive people. The positive energies they give store up in your energy level to be converted to chemicals that shoot up your dopamine level. Keeping up with happy people will make you a happy person with the right amount of dopamine in you.

5. Smiling Always

Smiling always greatly boost your dopamine level, smiling increases, enhances and stabilises your mood, thereby reducing the effect of stress on you., it helps to build a positive emotion that strengthens your immune system. Smile is a free gift of nature that cures and drives away what will cost the good health of a man. Just as it helps to deal with the wrinkles on your face, it drives out every wrinkles at heart. The more you smile and laugh, the higher your dopamine level goes; the higher your dopamine levels, the farther your depression and anxiety drifts away.

6. Healthy Diet

There are foods that keep dopamine level – foods that are rich in thyroxin like almond, egg fish, and chicken are good sources of amino acid that boosts dopamine level. Nuts and seeds, milk and diary, chocolate, strawberry are enriching food that in thyroxin that increases your dopamine level naturally and effortlessly.

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