Actor Gary Busey pictured sitting in a public park with his pants down after being charged with groping three women (photos)


Actor Gary Busey pictured sitting in a public park with his pants down after being charged with groping three women (photos)

American actor Gary Busey has been seen in shocking photos with his pants down in the middle of the day at a public California park a day after being charged with groping three woman at a New Jersey horror movie convention.

Busey, 78, was spotted getting down and dirty at Point Dume Park in Malibu on Saturday afternoon, August 20.

The actor was charged Friday with four counts of sexual contact and harassment following multiple alleged incidents at the convention last weekend with cops saying they expect more victims to come forward.

Busey appeared unbothered as he pulled out his phone and then pulled down his pants. The actor stuck one hand down the front of his pants, and then looked around to make sure no bystanders had caught him in the lewd act.

Once done with his actions, Busey lit a cigar and looked out over the ocean for nearly 30 minutes before getting back in his car and leaving the park.

Busey, who lives in Malibu, faces two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact, one count of attempted criminal sexual contact, and one count of harassment, following the allegations made in New Jersey.

The charges stem from offenses that are alleged to have occurred at the annual Monster Mania Convention at the Doubletree Hotel last weekend in Cherry Hill, NJ, police said.

Cherry Hill Police say three women were touched by Busey inappropriately during an autograph signing and meet and greet.

‘It was about contact. It was about touching,’ Cherry Hill Police Lt. Robert Scheunemann told the Philadelphia Inquirer, noting that ‘multiple complaints about the actor’s conduct had been received throughout the weekend.

Police have revealed they fully expect to hear from more women in the coming days after an incident in which Busey had to be removed from a portion of the event after he was seen groping women, according to Fox 29.

At the convention, Busey was said to be appearing alongside other actors including Ralph Macchio, Tom Skerritt and Veronica Cartwright.

A lawyer for the convention, Nikitas Moustakas, said the convention company was ‘assisting authorities in their investigation into an alleged incident involving attendees and a celebrity guest at its convention.’

‘Immediately upon receiving a complaint from the attendees, the celebrity guest was removed from the convention and instructed not to return,’ he said.

‘Monster-Mania also encouraged the attendees to contact the police to file a report. The safety and well-being of all our attendees is of the utmost importance to Monster-Mania, and the company will not tolerate any behavior that could compromise those values.’

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