American Pie star, Jennifer Coolidge reveals she 'slept with 200 people' after playing a cutie pie role

American Pie star, Jennifer Coolidge reveals she 'slept with 200 people' after playing a MILF role

Jennifer Coolidge has revealed she’s slept with 200 people due to her infamous role in the 1999 movie “American Pie.”

The 60-year-old, who played Jeanine "Stifler's Mom" Stifler, became a household name on the back of its success and its sequels, even popularising the term 'cutie pie' (Mother I'd Like to F) in reference to a line from the film.

The actress joked she 'got a lot of action' on the back of her infamous role. Speaking to Vareity, she said;


“Ya know, I got a lot of play being a cutie pie.

“And I got a lot of xual action from American Pie. There was so many benefits to doing that movie … There would be, like, 200 people that I would never have slept with.”

Her performance led to her reprising her part in American Pie 2 (2001), American Wedding (2003) and American Reunion (2012) and also landing roles in Legally Blonde and A Cinderella Story - and even a bit-part in the iconic sitcom Friends.

The star revealed she struggled for acting work prior to American Pie, admitting that decades of rejection left her with a feeling that she had nothing to lose - rather than being downbeat.

She added;

"The fear is gone when you're so used to losing. There's some freedom in that."

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Jennifer later landed a role as Tania in 2021's The White Lotus, after being cast by creator and friend Mike White.

“Some jobs, I’m sort of going, ‘Wow, this isn’t worth working for.’ What Mike [White] wrote, I was staying up late every night,” Coolidge admitted, referring to the “White Lotus” creator who convinced her to be a part of the series.

In fact, the “Best in Show” actress revealed she nearly talked herself out of playing the part. Now, she’s gearing up for its sophomore season, which airs in October 2022.

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