Beachgoers flee after sharks were spotted lurking close to the shore


Beachgoers flee after sharks were spotted lurking close to the shore

Beachgoers relaxing on Neptune Beach in Jacksonville were left with no other option but to flee for their lives after spotting a pair of grey fins poking out of the water’s surface.

A pandemonium reportedly ensued after two sharks were spotted lurking close to the shore at the same time.

The close call, which was caught on camera resulted in someone screaming: “Get out the water!” as people can be seen suddenly scrambling to leave the ocean as quickly as possible.

Though no one was injured in the incident, but it left swimmers wary to re-enter the waters any time soon.

Scary footage filmed by a resident showed onlookers watching the two sharks splashing their bodies around in the shallow surf from the safety of the beach.

Florida is known for its regularity of shark-related occurrences. New Smyrna Beach in particular is labelled as the ‘shark attack capital of the world’.

Last year, 17 attacks were reported in the area, including a 16-year-old surfer who needed nine stitches on his arm. People are believed to be 10 times more at risk from sharks there than anywhere else in the world.

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