Great-grandmother gets naked butler for 106th birthday


Great-grandmother gets naked butler for 106th birthday

A great-grandmother who told her daughter she wanted a “hunky man” for her 106th birthday got her birthday wish when a young man arrived at her care home wearing nothing but a bow tie and an apron covering just his crotch.

The naked butler was Norah Shaw’s gift from her daughter Gill Shaw, 67, on Saturday, August 6.

Norah admitted at her East Midlands care home that it was the first time she had ever seen a butler in the nude.

To be sure Eddy Betteridge, 32, was naked under the apron, the celebrant decided to check by asking him to fetch her snacks.

She said: “I was very shocked when he turned around, because he had no underwear on. It was quite amusing.

“I had to keep checking, so I asked him to get some sandwiches.”

She added: “It was spontaneous, to say the least. I have had an absolutely wonderful day, it’s been marvellous all the way through.”

“Eddy was tall, had nice eyes and was very attractive. He had no hair on his chest at all, which impressed me. I had never seen anything like it,” she continued.

Eddy, who works for the Butlers in the Buff agency, provided Norah with sandwiches, scones and fizz for her birthday on Saturday August 6. The agency offered their services for free on the day to make Norah’s wishes come true.

Nora, who has 3 children, seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren, said of her birthday surprise: “It’s been a grown-up birthday. It’s been a very special birthday. It’s not every day you turn 21 – and a little bit.”

Norah, who was born in Manchester and lived independently until she moved to the East Midlands at the age of 105, was joined by family members and fellow residents for the adult rated afternoon tea.

Reflecting on her long life, she said: “I can’t reveal the secret of how I lived so long or it won’t be a secret!”

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