Husband and wife take neighbor to court after getting fed up by noise of his cock


Husband and wife take neighbor to court after getting fed up by noise of his cock

A couple has taken their next door neigbor to court for making their lives ‘hellish’ with constant noise generated by his cock.

Friedrich-Wilhelm K., 76, and his wife Jutta, say they always hear the annoying male chicken incessantly squawking up to 200 times a day.

They are now taking the chicken’s owner to court to get rid of the chicken known as Magda.

Friedrich-Wilhelm, who lives in Bad Salzuflen in Germany, told local media:

‘He doesn’t start until 8am because he is locked up at night but then he crows 100 to 200 times throughout the day.

‘We can’t use the garden and we can’t open any windows, it’s unbearable.

‘We really did a lot of tests. Our kids tried, our neighbours tried.

‘The neighbour doesn’t give up his rooster and we have to either live with that, or we have to win in court.’

Jutta added: ‘It’s hard to talk about torture, but that’s what it’s like.’

The couple say they have started recording a daily log of the noise in their bid to present it as evidence in court and get the rooster removed.

Friedrich-Wilhelm claimed another neighbour actually moved away because he was so fed up with the noise but he will not be driven to do the same.

According to Wilhelm, the bird crows at an intensity of 80 decibels, which is the same level as a heavy street of traffic or a busy restaurant.

This is also only slightly lower than a welder, which wings in at up to 95 decibels.

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