Instagram Influencer Cosmin Cernica claims he spends £10,000 a month on food because he can’t cook and hates smell of cooking in his home


Instagram Influencer Cosmin Cernica claims he spends £10,000 a month on food because he can't cook and hates smell of cooking in his home

London-based Instagram influencer Cosmin Cernica, 29, claims he spends £10,000 a month on food each month because he doesn’t like preparing food himself or the smell of cooking in his home.

Cernica, a self-confessed gourmet foodie with a penchant for caviar, truffles and champagne hails from Romania.

He spends most of his time in London or Dubai.

Cernica says that he happily uses up to £10,000 a month to satisfy his tastes, so he orders in and eats out instead of cooking.

He says be likes the luxury dining eateries in Mayfair, Chelsea and Knightsbridge and even eats burgers with real 24karat gold leaf on the top from an exclusive Chelsea restaurant.

He loves ‘anything with truffles on it’ and spends thousands of pounds on chocolate and lives with his husband Robert.

Cosmin said: ‘I don’t like cooking and I don’t actually like the smell of food being cooked in my house.

‘So the only options left are to either order in or to go out – which I do five-six times a week when I am in London and every day when I am in Dubai.

‘Going out to restaurants for me is not only about the food, but more about the experience – I am very particular with the places I go.’

He said: ‘Because I don’t cook at all, I always get my food delivered or I go to restaurants. I order my food from a luxury food delivery app that delivers gourmet food from the best restaurants in London.

‘I love a truffle breakfast, if it’s weekend that will always be paired with champagne. I also love salmon sandwiches topped with caviar, they are my go-to breakfast.

‘Even if I order all the time I try to eat reasonably healthy so I would never order something from McDonald’s let’s say.

‘But when I fancy a “fast food treat” I would order a Wagyu burger topped with Oscietra Caviar and 24K Gold leaf from my favourite Chef in Chelsea, Mr. Z, he always delivers his food in a Mercedes.’

Cosmin, who spends thousands of pounds on chocolate, added: ‘They are very expensive, especially the white truffle or if they are not in season in Italy and they need to be flown in from afar.

‘My local shop in Chelsea would call me every time they have a fresh truffle delivery. I also eat caviar which can be quite pricey too and I love sea food, especially fresh lobsters, and red prawns.’

He says he has to look good too which makes him spend more than £5,000 a month on health products.

He said: ‘I do spend a lot on cosmetic products too, I am obsessed with anything skincare or niche fragrances’.

‘I try to eat organic, I try to eat sea food and vegetables as much as possible but of course I love my champagne and sweet treats.

‘I do buy a lot of chocolate, the chocolate hall in Harrods is my guilty pleasure, I once spent £2,000 there in one go.’

Responding to critics who feel £10,000 on food every month is a bit rich, he says:

‘I don’t feel like it’s too much, it is just a number and I feel like food should always be top quality. It is at the end of the day a necessity and I would rather spend more on super high quality food rather than something else.’

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