Man, 71, told he’s already been dead and buried after he tried to file a report to the police


Man, 71, told he's already been dead and buried after he tried to file a report to the police

A man in Malaysia found out he was considered dead and buried after he tried to file a report to the police.

Low Choo Choon, 71, who works in the funeral industry, was told of his “death” after he tried to hand in a deed about a grave site.

The hearse driver and his wife had owned two grave sites for around 20 years but had decided to transfer their sites to a relative for financial reasons while they go for cremation when they eventually die.

During the process, Low realised he had lost the paperwork showing ownership of the grave site.

He headed to the police station to file a report, FMT reports.

However, he was turned away because officers at the station said his status was currently “deceased”.

Low went to the national registration department, known as the JPN, to file a complaint where he was told the department would sort his status within two weeks to change it from the current “dead” status.

Now, Low is looking for answers and even recruited the help of his son-in-law but with no luck.

Due to his “dead” status, he has struggled to renew his road tax, been unable to vote and now he is even concerned his bank accounts could get shut down.

Speaking at a press conference with politician Wong Bor Yang who he went to for help, Low said: “I have been working at a funeral home for so many years but I never thought that I would be listed as ‘dead’.

“If my [status] does not get updated, I worry that my bank account and assets will get frozen.”

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