Tennis fans outraged as 16-year-old star’s dad and her coach grab her backside after her qualifying win at the US Open.(Video)


Tennis fans outraged as 16-year-old star's dad and her coach grab her backside after her qualifying win at the US Open.(Video)

Tennis star, Sara Bejlek’s father has sparked outrage for the way he celebrated her huge qualifying win at the US Open.

The 16-year-old Czech is set to make her grand slam debut at the famous tournament after winning her way through the qualifying rounds in New York over Britain’s Heather Watson.

In the video, Bejlek shakes hands with her opponent and the chair umpire before walking over to a man standing courtside, who has been identified as her father. He pats her on the backside and appears to kiss her on the mouth.

Tiene solo 16 años Sara Bejlek.
Realmente es lamentable esta situación… (? @TheBoiledEgg).— Drive Cruzado (@DriveCruzado) August 27, 2022

She then walks over and hugs another man, identified as her coach, who also pats her on the buttocks.

Sports fans erupted over the footage, which has since gone viral.

‘There’s absolutely no reason to touch a 16yo girl on her butt like that. It’s beyond inappropriate. As the video progressed it got worse and worse,’ wrote one user.

‘Creepy coaches.

‘What the hell?? I need more people to see this and talk about his because they literally caught them in 4K how is this not being talked about???,’ stated a third.

Another Twitter user believed the video in question needed to be investigated by relevant authorities.

‘The WTA needs to look into these especially since these young girls are traveling w men from a very young age. also y’all can say its the dad or wtv but does your dad touch your bum like that.’

However, some people on social media didn’t condemn the act, it is common in Czech.

‘It is pretty common in Czechia. Not something I would do, but many men just don’t think about it in a sexual way. Google our Easter traditions, you might be shocked,’ said one user.

‘Perfectly normal in some cultures and households. One sees what they want to see,’ agreed another.

Bejlek will make her US Open debut on Tuesday against Russian Ludmilla Samsanova.

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