Things he will do if only his feelings for you is strong


2. He won’t let go of your hands

Every relationship will have its ups and downs. Many people will find reasons to withdraw and let go of your hands when the going gets tough, but he won’t leave your side even when you give him reasons to do so. Over your matter, he will not be afraid to go against the words of people he has utmost respect for. He won’t hesitate to beg and make peace offering with you.

He will give you space when you need it and hang around until you come out of it. He does not get bored seeing your face, your face alone brings smile to his shining face.

3. He will make sacrifices

He is persistent when he comes to making sacrifices for you and the bond you share. Willingly, he makes efforts to come through for you. He offers himself to help- it does not matter the number of times he has to throw weights behind you. He loves doing it and you can always count on him.

He never complains and won’t hold you ransom for what he does for you. He is ready to make compromises to meet up with you, he is flexible and ever ready to adjust to your satisfaction and convenience where need be. He makes himself available even when he is not convenient for him


4. He gives to you

He will withhold nothing from you and would share all what he has with you. He is your money giver and you are his money spender. A man’s heart will only be where his treasure is – so he will spend and share with you because his heart is with you. Giving is one way to know if a guy is really into you, everyone will always have something to share – it does not matter how big or small it is. It is a popular saying that there is love in sharing. The way he gives to you can determine how much he loves you. If he is the kind that can give you anything, then you should know that the feeling he has for you is so strong.

5. He saves your face

Your man will save your face and won’t allow anybody or any situation to put you into disgrace. He will always come to your aid and show up all time. He fears he is disgraced when you are face with disgrace, he just can’t stand to see you in tight situations – he really cares for your wellbeing and really feel what you feel.

You share almost everything – your pain is his pain and your joy really gladdens his heart. You are two hearts beating lovingly as one.

6. He respects you

He talks to you lovingly and won’t throw words at you carelessly. He has so much respect for you and you can see it in the way he handles you with care, he respects your opinion and will give you a queen treatment because you are important to him.

He lavishes you with chivalrous acts because he is chivalric – everybody around you could tell. The way he carries you with his words – both in your presence and absence sends signal to people that he is very much into you.

7. He shares his thoughts with you

From his fears to worries, to his successes and weaknesses, he holds nothing back. He feels safe with you and he is not afraid to tell you things. He discusses his plans with you and would your opinions in high regards.

It is a good sign that he sees you as his confidant and friend, there is nothing he will do without your knowledge.

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