To Every Girl Who Has Lost Herself To A Narcissistic Man


2. Look On Your Inside

You should look on your inside to generate and regenerate emotional strength that will help you to abide with good counsels that will be said to you … to birth confidence from within to truly live again and erase the thoughts of ‘what ifs’ and other doubts and guesses.

No one can actually help you if you don’t generate some elements within you to help yourself. No one can actually help you if you don’t help yourself – there are some positive thoughts you must generate that will help you greatly in becoming your new self. Power of mind is critical in your next journey of a new life, it will help you feel light when the burdens and liberation processes seem heavy. It will help you to look at your errors and omissions and still forgive yourself, looking on your inside would help you to lay bare the truths without self-condemnations. Looking on your inside will save you from getting stuck in the unfortunate events that have happened and give you a ray of hope for a better life that now awaits.

Look on your inside to pick your life up, you will be amazed to know that your life is not all ruins as you have imagined. You would no longer be afraid for the new lease of life as you will be able to stand on the beauties you will find within.

3. Keep Distance

You should know that a narcissistic man does not act his narcissism to everybody, they have exceptions. And this is one of your journey towards being one of the exceptions. Be yourself and don’t always be all over them. You are keeping considerable distance to keep your cool and sanity, let them miss your absence and get busy with yourself so that you will have good excuses to spend less time with them. Doing that, you won’t make it obvious that you are trying to keep away from them.

It makes them boil when you make it too obvious that you have such plan for them and this may cause them to come hard at you (depending on your depth of romantic relationship with the person though). When you do this, they may miss your absence and have a second thought about you. They may get to see reasons to treat you better. Get busy with yourself and get better in what you do.

4. Stay True To Your Decisions

In good attempts to free yourself away from narcissism, some decisions leading to restoration of dignity and better life will be made. But how often do we backtrack on our good and first decisions that would have granted us what we wanted? Sometimes, the reason our situation doesn’t improve is because we renege on made-decision that would have made things happen for us. It is good to be flexible and you must really understand what compromise truly means. Perhaps, it will help your decision making.

To Every Girl Who Has Lost Herself To A Narcissistic Man

There are some decisions you don’t stray away from – this decision is the one you will make in saving yourself from narcissist behaviors. You adhere to the decisions until the goal is met. Don’t be deceived by what the narcissistic man will be selling to you after he must have noticed things are no longer in his way, don’t be cajoled to return to your vomit in the middle of operations. Your values are important and should never be taken from you again through deceit. It is important that you stay true to the goals set out in the first place, then you would overcome guilt, pain and feeling that haunts every victim of narcissism, that nothing and nobody else will hinder your revival.

To every girl who has lost herself to a narcissistic man, please know that the land of narcissism that you are is not a land of no return. Regardless of the evils meted out to you already, you deserve a better life and this good and better emotional and mental life is still in your grasp (not out of your reach). In most cases, if you don’t give yourself a better life, no one will hand it over to you. Others may guess and suggest for you, but it will be your call and action that will usher in the positivity you want in your life.

You can still live and lead a healthy life emotionally and romantically. Just don’t be too attached to those toxic behaviours you have suffered, don’t get too used to it to the extent that you will give up on your chance to make important changes. You don’t have to be the one to suffer the mistakes of a wicked and an ignorant man that keeps abusing your love and innocence, the table can really be turned to your favour. And your present poor life can still be ‘once-a-poor-life’ if you will follow the processes through.

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