Women who use V.J discharge as perfume to attract men are warned not to as it can be 'dangerous'


Women who use v,ginal discharge as perfume to attract men are warned not to as it can be 'dangerous'

Medical doctors have warned women against “vbbing” as it can be “dangerous” to their xual health.

Vbbing has taken over the internet as women are using their V,J discharge as a perfume to attract men xually.

The tactic sees women take their v,j fluids and dab it on their pulse points – especially behind the ears and neck – so it acts as a pheromone.

Writer and TikTok user Mandy Lee made the practice more popular after she talked about its apparent charm on TikTok.

Also, plus size influencer Jewlieah even vbbed at the gym where she managed to secure a hot date.

Since then, more women have been trying it while giving updates on their experiences.

Now, doctors are discouraging women from this practice.

Dr Paraskevi Dimitriadi, a private gyn.aecologist from the Centre for Surgery in London, has shared that there is little evidence to show that pheromones work in the same way as they do in animals.

Even more concerning, Dr Dimitriadi has warned that vbbing could cause some nasty infections down below.

The expert told MailOnline: “If you use dirty fingers inside your v,J to collect discharge you can not only potentially traumatise the tissue in your v,J and but also spread infection, potentially causing something as serious as a p.elvic inflammatory disease.”

P.elvic inflammatory disease increases the risk of having an ectopic pregnancy and scarring or abscesses in the fallopian tubes. This can cause infertility.

Dr Dimitriadi added: “Dirty fingers could also cause bacterial v.a.g.inosis or thrush.

“If you have bacterial v.a.g.inosis or thrush your discharge can be malodorous and will not help you attract a partner.”

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  1. Is this another reaction to Gwyneth Paltrow's candle called "This smells like my vagina"? So women are now "gooping" their vaginal discharge onto their bodies to attract men. Wow. Our culture just gets more and more degrading all the time. Another fail at Making America Great Again.

  2. This is highly unlikely to cause serious problems. No matter what Dr. whatchamacallit in London says, taking a small dab of grool is unlikely to transmit disease if placed on pulse points. Sounds like he just wanted his name in print. Plus think of all the men who would be getting diseases from cunnilingus! Or PIV sex post coitus, etc.



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