Below are ways the emotionally broken man loves differently:

1. He Can Be Clingy

Emotionally broken man loves in a clingy way; they are like this because they don’t feel secured emotionally. They are always all over you to the point you feel irritated with their actions. Their heart is shattered already, so they are trying to guard it jealously lest it gets shattered again. As far as they are concerned, one of the ways they guide their heart is to be clingy to whoever they share emotional tie with. This is the reason of their action, they are afraid to lose another important piece of their life again.

There is need for you to know this that you may know how to set up the best system that will calm his fears and that works for both of you.

2. He Can Be Without Soul

Because he is down emotionally, he might not be deep in his dealings with you. He no longer trusts; he has issues in trusting even though he is trying to trust you. Because of this, you might find reasons to think he is not really into you. He is not fully into you not because he is keeping romantic relationship with someone else.

Because of the setbacks he has suffered emotionally, he is afraid to test the river with his two legs. Hopefully, you will have enough patience with him till he comes out of his shell. Most time, you might find him to be unserious with you (behaving like he is not afraid to lose you), you should know that he cares, he is only not showing it.

3. He Can Be Moody

He can be on and off; he is into you at some time, then feel withdrawn in some other time. He suffers mood swing at will to the point of frustration. He changes his mood and feeling because he still feels the pain of the emotional wounds he carries; anytime he feels haunted from the trauma, he feels withdrawn and would mostly switch off in his dealings with you.

There are some moments he will back out of agreed decisions almost at the last minute of fulfillment – he withdraws when you least expect it.  In one minute, he will be all over you and you would be like you have unlocked him finally. While you are thinking this, he switches and to your surprise, you would be thinking what has happened; what have you done wrong; did you say or do things that put him off?

This is another way an emotionally broken man loves – he loves based on his mood and feeling.

4. His Emotions Boil Excessively


An emotionally broken man will behave childish in the love relationship, he will make a lot of mistakes, he will do some things you never thought he could do either by omission or intentional. He feels weak and often misinterpret the words and actions of his romantic partner, he is sensitive to a fault.

He bear grudges and would lay wait in his heart o when to do back or revenge the offense from his partner. He tends to get easily offended and demonstrate anger. Emotionally broken man is a master of silent treatments.

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