Jason Momoa cuts off his long hair to bring awareness to single-use plastic crisis (video)


Jason Momoa cuts off his long hair to bring awareness to single-use plastic crisis (video)

Hollywood actor, Jason Momoa has cut off much of his long hair to bring awareness to the single-use plastics crisis.

The 43-year-old actor shared a clip on Monday, September 5, where his trademark long locks were snipped, chopped, and shaved almost to the skin by a close friend.

In the clip, Jason introduced himself to his followers, showed his braids to the camera, and then explained the reason behind his decision.

“Aloha, everyone,” he began as he showed off his chopped-off braid.

He continued: “Shaving off the hair, doing it for single-use plastics – I’m tired of these plastic bottles, we’ve got to stop. Plastic forks, all that s**t.”

His message was briefly interrupted by a slight breeze, which made Jason laugh as he hadn’t felt any wind against his head in some time.

He said: “Oh man, I’ve never even felt the wind right there!”

Jason proceeded to explain that he has to do something shocking in order to raise awareness about their heavy reliance on single-use plastic.

He pleaded: “It goes into our land, goes into our ocean. I’m just seeing some things in our ocean that are so sad, so please, anything you do to eliminate single-use plastics in your lives – help me.”

He continued: “Plastic bottles are ridiculous. Now [a lot of people] are making the aluminium, which is fantastic.”

Jason’s decision to chop off his hair has shocked his fans and many have gone on Twitter to reveal they do not approve.

“We did not approve this, did we?” someone commented.

Watch the video below…


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