Man sentenced to 22 years in jail for stabbing his ex girlfriend’s mum 22 times before attempting to run her over with car


Man sentenced to 22 years in jail for stabbing his ex girlfriend's mum 22 times before attempting to run her over with car

A man stabbed his ex’s mum in the street 22 times before trying to run over the 67-year-old woman with his car.

Michael Moon, 39, was on a cocaine and vodka-fuelled rampage where he partially amputated the grandmother’s arm during the attack on the night of June 4, 2022.

When he was done stabbing her, he tried to run her over.

Fortunately, Carmel Ratcliffe rolled out of the way when Moon came steaming ahead with his car while still having an eight-inch knife stuck in her shoulder.

A helpful neighbour who was a former paramedic provided immediate treatment to Ms Ratcliffe that saved her life.

On Monday afternoon, September 5, Moon was jailed for 22 years after admitting attempted murder.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Moon blame Ms Ratcliffe for the failure of his relationship with her daughter and troubles to contact their child.

Moon’s relationship with Leanne Finnegan ended three years ago and the pair share a nine-year-old daughter.

Shortly after 9pm on June 4 this year, Moon drove to his daughter’s grandmother’s home after consuming nearly two litres of vodka and more than half a gram of cocaine and honked his horn when spotting her walking down the street.

He then got out of the car and stabbed Ms Ratcliffe eight times to the head and upper body then stabbed her an additional 14 times after she fell with a 13in kitchen knife with an 8inch blade.

Moon threw the knife at the pensioner from a distance of 4ft, causing it to became lodged under her shoulder blade.

Ms Ratcliffe will most likely have permanent scars from the assault and will require five years of care as she is unable to wash herself or brush her teeth without assistance.

She’s also unable to blink and may not be able to return to her job as a housekeeper.

Sentencing, Judge Neil Flewitt QC, said: “You blamed Carmel Ratcliffe for the breakdown of your relationship with Leanne Finnegan and the cease of contact with your daughter.

“The responsibility for that state of affair comes with you and you alone.”

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