Queen Elizabeth’s bridesmaid and lifelong friend pictured being wheeled into Queen’s funeral by her daughter who is King Charles’ goddaughter


Queen Elizabeth's bridesmaid and lifelong friend pictured being wheeled into Queen's funeral by her daughter who is King Charles' goddaughter

Lady Pamela Hicks, 93, Who was Queen Elizabeth II’s bridesmaid at her wedding, was pictured arriving at the monarch’s funeral.

She was wheeled in by her daughter India Hicks, 55, who is King Charles’ goddaughter.

India Hicks shed a tear as she walked into Westminster Abbey today, September 19, to say her final goodbye to the Queen, while pushing her mother’s wheelchair.

Lady Pamela Hicks, 93, is the daughter of Lord Mountbatten, the brother of Prince Philip’s mother. She is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip.

Lady Pamela’s daughter India was also a bridesmaid when King Charles married Princess Diana.

Lady Pamela previously served as a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth. The pair have been lifelong friends and have been pictured together multiple times throughout their lives.

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