Toddler takes ‘demonic’ doll everywhere she goes, making other kids cry (photos)


Toddler takes 'demonic' doll everywhere she goes, making other kids cry (photos)

The mother of a toddler who is obsessed with a red-eyed terrifying doll has said that her daughter’s toy makes children twice her age cry.

Briar Beard, aged 3, has been obsessed with toy doll ‘Creepy Chloe’ since her mum Brittany purchased the doll from a Halloween pop-up shop last month.

Brittany says that her daughter won’t leave the house without the doll, which terrifies other children.

The toys’ eyes glow bright red and it makes gentle giggling sound and demonic evil laugh when a trigger button is pressed.

Her mum says Chloe is Briar’s greatest comfort and she takes the doll to bed with her every night.

Brittany, 33, says people give her strange looks when they see her daughter carrying the doll, and other children are frightened of the toddler’s toy when they walk past.

Brittany, from Orlando, Florida, said to Mirror UK: ‘Spirit Halloween were in our neighbourhood and we always go there to get our supplies for the holiday season.

‘When we were in the store, Briar fell in love with this doll and she begged me to buy it for her.

‘At the same time, my eight-year-old daughter, Belle, was crying because she was terrified of it.

‘My husband had to distract Belle while I bought Briar the doll because she was freaking out so much.

‘She named the doll Chloe and now we refer to it as Creepy Chloe – for obvious reasons!

‘I shared photos of Briar with the doll on Facebook and my post went viral – no one could believe that she wasn’t frightened by it.

‘Briar treats the Chloe like any normal doll, dressing it in princess dresses and pushing it in a buggy when we go out shopping.

‘Some people stop and stare and other kids give the doll a really wide birth – I feel like I have to stop and explain to everyone why she has it.

‘But the truth is, I’m just as confused as anyone, because I love the fun, cute side of Halloween – I don’t know where she gets it from!’

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