Susannah Constantine, 61, RUSHED to hospital for emergency surgery as doctors told her she was at risk of a brain haemorrhage 


Susannah Constantine was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery as doctors told her she was ‘lucky to be alive’.

Situation of Her Health

The TV personality, 61, was told she needed to be operated on immediately or she  risked paralysis, a brain haemorrhage or a stroke.

Susannah was suffering from an arteriovenous fistula, which is an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein.

Speaking after the worrying ordeal, Susannah said she had initially brushed off her pins and needles symptoms in her arm. 

The Warning Doctors Gave Her

Susannah told OK! magazine that she was given stark words of warning from doctors during the health crisis, which happened last year. 

She said: ‘They said “It’s Hobson’s Choice, if you don’t have the operation, you’ve got a one in three chance of having a brain haemorrhage, being paralysed or having a stroke. 

“If you do have surgery, you’ve got a one in 10 chance of these same things happening during the operation.”

Cause of Her Health Situation

Susannah’s condition is typically created surgically or appears as a result of a congenital or genetic abnormality. 

It had led to bleeding into the capillaries, affecting her spinal cord and brain, and putting her at imminent risk of paralysis, a stroke, or a hemorrhage. 

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She said: ‘I had a health scare and a pretty major operation. It was a very rare thing where I had a leak – the arteries were bleeding into the capillaries and trapping the spinal cord, and affecting my brain.’

It was causing symptoms such as pins and needles in her arm, as well as a swollen left eye and tinnitus.

Last year, Susannah first spoke about the scary incident when she revealed she was rushed to hospital after struggling with a ‘withering arm.’

The presenter took to Instagram to share that she’d been placed on a drip after the health scare, which turned out to be ‘more serious’ than she first thought.

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