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"I wouldn’t have a problem raising another man’s child" Man says he loves his wife sleeping with other men and won't mind her getting pregnant for them

Woman reveals she shares her husband with her mum and sister to keep him happy

Onlookers in shock as gorilla performs oral x on its partner in a zoo (video)

Marriage is out of my plans for now, I’ll continue putting up my py for sale – Popular prostitute says in viral video

Researchers who hung 12 rhinoceros in the air upside down for 10 minutes win 2021 Ig Nobel Prize (photos)

Woman's extreme cheek fillers make her look like a hamster

Grandmother, 61, engaged to 24-year-old boyfriend

Brits battling floods spot 'mermaid' going for a swim (photos)

Epic fight breaks out at Ghanaian bar 'over a seat' (video)

Drama as married woman allegedly gets stuck to her lover during sex

Villagers erect massive penis statue to bring forth rain

Model dumps her celebrity chef husband and starts dating her identical twin sister's husband

Church member mistakenly shares s3x tape to church WhatsApp group

Pastor cries for help after side-chick ''locked his pen!s;'' says 'it can't get up, I miss s3x'

Bodybuilder who married s3x doll says having s3x with raw chicken meat inspired him to create new lover shaped like a hen (photos)

Mums slam clothing store, New Look, for 'sexualising children' as young as 9 with padded bikinis

Tanzania female Member of Parliament is berated and thrown out from parliament for wearing trousers

Woman with 7 husbands narrates how she manages and satisfies all their needs (video)

Lil Nas X 'accidentally rips his pants’ during performance on Saturday Night Live (video)

Young boys spray money lavishly in a church while being hailed by members (video)

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