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Yoga teacher on the run after murdering cyclist out of jealousy when she discovered the cyclist's relationship with her partner

High school teacher having affair with 17 year old student caught by husband

Inmate serving life sentence for murder escapes after stabbing the prison bus driver

Food Network star sentenced to life in prison for killing little girl she was in the process of adopting

Church elder who stole a woman's £600,000 life savings is ordered to pay back just £1

28-year-old teacher arrested for grooming boy for x

Photo of murder suspect taken before he vanished with corrections officer is released

Police detective jailed for trying to meet girl, 13, for x after travelling 75 miles to see her while on duty

Update: 3-month-old baby kidnapped while his grandmother unloaded groceries found alive

Singapore executes intellectually disabled man for drug trafficking after rejecting appeal from court and UN

World's oldest death row inmate executed 32 years after killing a police officer

Chilling video of when Woman kidnapped and stuffed into trunk by two men at gas station after she rejected them

"The Lord saw fit to take him out of his misery" Woman says after a carjacker beat her up, stole her car and died in an accident while driving off with it

Man who murdered Jacqueline Avant sentenced to 150 years to life

Man arrested for dangling baby by ankles in sick video

Inmates of female prison impregnated by trans women

Update: Brooklyn subway shooting suspect Frank R. James arrested in New York (photos)

Mother arrested after chilling viral video shows her mercilessly beating her 9-month-old daughter

Ex-soldier charged to court for flashing pen!s and committing vile s3x act with a bin

Video from scene of fatal Miami stabbing shows white American model covered in blood after stabbing her black boyfriend (watch video)

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