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California woman Indicted on Murder Charge in Death of son, 7, Found Dead near Las Vegas hiking Trail

Colorado Woman who shot Alleged Intruder now Faces Attempted Murder Charge, Police Say

Fourth day of Protests After 9-year-old girl Allegedly Raped and Murdered in Indian capital

Young Mother shot in the head while her daughter sat in backseat of the car

‘This is how I’m going to die’ - Fourth police tell panel of trauma of Capitol attack before he commited suicide

Kenyan man shoots wife dead before committing suicide

Passenger taped to plane seat after groping two flight attendants' breast mid-flight

Missing Belarusian activist found dead ‘in possible murder disguised as suicide’

Girl, 15, dies after 'passing out' while having sex in car with older man

Woman shares Scary bruises she got after allegedly being beaten by her partner (video)

Update: Ex-Ajax star, Jerge Hoefdraad is in critical condition and not dead after being shot in the head at a party

Aaliyah was carried unconscious onto plane before fatal crash after she refused to board, new book alleges

Woman Dies on Hike With Man She Met on Instagram; Date Says He Continued Without Her After She Quit From Heat Exhaustion

No New Trial for Man Convicted of Killing Mollie Tibbetts

Remember Third Police Officer Who Responded to January 6 Capitol Attack Has Died By Suicide

Teen Boy Charged With Killing 13-Year-Old Girl Also Threatened To Shoot Up a School: Prosecutor

Beheaded Victim Asked Court to Cease Abusive Boyfriend’s No-Contact Order Before Her Death

Ex-Ajax footballer Jerge Hoefdraad shot in the head while trying to settle a fight at a party

Shock as Famous Abuja chef, Emeka Eloagu, is found dead in his Apartment

Chinese police arrest Pop star, Kris Wu after rape allegations and seducing young women into having sex,

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