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Afghan girls school ban would be un-Islamic' - Pakistan PM advises Taliban on how to get international recognition

US military chiefs apologize after finding out drone strike meant to kill ISIS-K terrorists killed 10 civilians including children in Kabul

Afghanistan: Taliban shut down women's ministry, replace it with 'morality police'

New book alleges that US Army chief of Staff, General Milley secretly called Chinese officials to warn them that Trump would attack China in his final days in office

British-trained Afghan sniper is executed by Taliban in front of his family

Afghan Women all over the world start online trend posing in beautiful Traditional clothes to protest against Taliban's black hijab order (photos)

Donors pledge $1bn in aid for Afghanistan as UN warns of humanitarian crisis

Taliban deny deputy leader Mullah Abdul Baradar is dead, produce audio recording as 'proof after gunfight in presidential palace'

Al-Qaeda chief appears in video praising his group on 9/11 anniversary, despite claims of him being dead

450 US-trained Afghan pilots are being flown out of Uzbekistan camp amid fears of retaliation by the Taliban (photos)

Defining photos the world will never forget as US marks 20th Anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks

Photos show horrific injuries inflicted on Afghan reporters by Taliban as the group clamp down on freedom of speech (photos)

Desperate Afghan dad tries to sell his daughter for £420 to keep his other children from starving under the Taliban rule

Islamic Jihad network deploys gunmen to refugee camp as it threatens Israel not to re-arrest recently escaped Palestinian prisoners

"Two-thirds of the world is our playground" - UK says as it deploys Royal Navy warships to Africa and Asia for the next 5 years

Wanted terrorist with $10 million bounty on his head named interior minister in Taliban's new government

Taliban fighters round up terrified women in supermarket car park and open fire

Afghanistan: Taliban officially declare Islamic Emirates and name new prime minister and government officials

Afghan universities under Taliban rule separates male and female students with curtain

Taliban accused of killing 8 month pregnant police officer in front of her family and mutilating her face

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