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Disoriented Joe Biden sticks out his hand to shake thin air and talk to himself after making speech where he falsely claimed to have been a professor for four years (Photos/Videos)

Video Reveal the moment Joe Biden looks lost at White House event as Kamala Harris and fans flock to see former President Barack Obama (video)

Biden administration to declare that Myanmar's years-long repression of the Rohingya Muslim population is a 'genocide'

Biden caught calling a Fox news reporter "stupid son of a b**ch" (video)

US President Biden transfers power to VP Harris over health ”issues”

US Vice President Kamala Harris to be acting president as Joe Biden undergoes medical procedure

Joe Biden's approval drops to 36% in new poll ratings

Joe Biden caught using prepared list of reporters during Q & A session at G20 summit in Rome (photos)

'US was clumsy in handling nuclear submarine deal with Australia'- Joe Biden admits to French president Macron

"He told me I'm a good Catholic and should keep receiving Holy Communion" Biden says after visiting Pope Francis amid controversy over communion (video)

Former Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu mocks Joe Biden on Facebook live suggesting he fell asleep while meeting new Israeli PM (Video)

Donald Trump says he’d beat Joe Biden in a boxing match

'Imbecilic, tragic, unnecessary' - Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair slams Joe Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan

President Biden calls on New York Governor Cuomo to resign after sexual misconduct Goes Terrible

US President Biden urges states and local governments to pay $100 to everyone who gets vaccinated

'"He’s completely LOST it! Biden will be forced to resign - Former White House doctor, Ronny Jackson predicts as he questions US President's cognitive ability

Joe Biden authorises $100 million in aid for Afghanistan refugees

'Donkey of the day' - Radio personality, Charlamagne Tha god slams US president, Joe Biden for his inaction towards black voting rights

US warns China it will defend Philippines if Filipino soldiers are attacked in South China Sea

US President, Joe Biden staunchly defends total withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan as Taliban advances and captures more territory

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