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Former Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu mocks Joe Biden on Facebook live suggesting he fell asleep while meeting new Israeli PM (Video)

France issues angry response after US snubs it in nuclear submarine deal with U.K and Australia

Donald Trump says he’d beat Joe Biden in a boxing match

'Imbecilic, tragic, unnecessary' - Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair slams Joe Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan

President Biden calls on New York Governor Cuomo to resign after sexual misconduct Goes Terrible

Nearly a thousand illegal immigrants held under a bridge in Texas

US President Biden urges states and local governments to pay $100 to everyone who gets vaccinated

'"He’s completely LOST it! Biden will be forced to resign - Former White House doctor, Ronny Jackson predicts as he questions US President's cognitive ability

Joe Biden authorises $100 million in aid for Afghanistan refugees

'Donkey of the day' - Radio personality, Charlamagne Tha god slams US president, Joe Biden for his inaction towards black voting rights

US warns China it will defend Philippines if Filipino soldiers are attacked in South China Sea

US President, Joe Biden staunchly defends total withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan as Taliban advances and captures more territory

Biden stops federal executions of prison inmates restarted under Trump

"A disgrace" - Trump blasts Joe Biden for reversing his border security policies

Joe Biden to allow at least 10,000 deported asylum seekers whose claims were dismissed under Trump to return to US

US President, Biden accuses Republicans of backing a 'Jim Crow era in the 21st Century' after all 50 Republican Senators vote against new federal electoral laws

US pulls soldiers, missile defense, military hardware from Saudi Arabia & other Middle East countries to focus on China/Russia threat

US President Biden announces death of family dog, Champ

Dementia rumors surface again after Joe Biden mistakes Libya for Syria three times during press conference (video)

TIME magazine blasted for exaggerated attempt to make Joe Biden ‘look cool’ and tough on its cover ahead of Putin meeting

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