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'I could feel the shocks through my body but it didn't stop me' - 20 year old man honored with car gift after risking his life to rescue man being electrocuted by train track (video)

Man slits throat of his girlfriend's 8-year-old daughter in South Africa

Ex-soldier charged to court for flashing pen!s and committing vile s3x act with a bin

President Putin's critic Alexei Navalny sentenced to 9 years in prison

Empire actor Jessie Smollett put in psych ward in jail after being deemed a self-harm risk

"17 reported dead" and 22 injured in brawl between rival fans at Mexican football match

Wealthy Pakistani American man sentenced to death for raping and beheading his girlfriend after she rejected his proposal

Prisoner shows off his lavish cell which has a flat screen TV and boasts it's like a hotel room

Murderer is executed by lethal injection after enjoying last meal of 20 chicken nuggets, 3 large fries with ketchup and large cola

Brother of 'Pakistan's Kim Kardashian' acquitted after he murdered her in 'honour killing' for bringing shame on their family by being a feminist

Virginia Roberts now 'claims she has lost the infamous photo of Prince Andrew with his arm around her waist' which he says was faked

'I didn't kill or hurt anyone '-Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect in Paris attacks that killed 130 people says in court

Soldier found dead at military base

Miss USA Cheslie Kryst's mum says her daughter battled 'high-functioning depression which she hid from everyone' before jumping to her death

US man released from Chicago jail after identical twin brother confesses to murder

Singer, Sinéad O’Connor’s 17-year-old son found dead two days after he was reported missing

Husband accused of 'choking wife to death after she asked for a divorce

Two Afghan brothers strangle, dismember and put their sisters body into suitcase then bury it because of her western way of life

Man discovers dead newborn baby inside plastic bag left in freezer

Honour killing: Indian teenager beheads his pregnant 19-year-old sister with help of their mother for marrying without family consent

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