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'In lots of cases Black people are more racist than White people' - Billionaire Formula one boss Bernie Ecclestone says

9:42 am
Billionaire Formula one car racing boss, Bernie Ecclestone has played down racism within the sport and made the astonishing claim that &...

Update: 16-year-old TikTok star Siya Kakkar killed herself 'after receiving threats'

9:40 am
Siya Kakkar, the 16-year-old Indian TikTok star who committed suicide killed herself after she allegedly received 'threats'.  ...

UPDATE: UN says it is ‘deeply disturbed’ by video of couple having sex in its official vehicle (video)

9:37 am
The United Nations has reacted to a video of a couple having sex in one of its official cars in Israel.  In the viral video which w...

23-year old ex-soldier commits suicide hours after telling his girlfriend he was going to propose

9:29 am
Former soldier killed himself just hours after telling his girlfriend he was planning to propose. Macauley Jepson, 23, discharged himself...

Watch the moment police smash window to save dog trapped in car in 40C heat

9:27 am
Footage shows the moment a tiny dog was saved after being stuck inside a boiling car for four hours as temperatures reached 40C. Police w...

50-year-old father arrested for raping 13-year-old daughter

9:26 am
A 50-year-old father in Osun State was paraded by the state's Police Command for raping his 13-year-old daughter. This was disclosed ...


Sad! Russian woman forced her daughter to live off cat food while caged at her home for 26 years

5:05 pm
A Russian pensioner forced her daughter to live off cat food while caged at her home for 26 years. Nadezhda Bushueva was kept isolated wi...

Unlucky driver crashes new £200,000 Lamborghini 20 MINUTES after picking it up from showroom (photos)

11:07 am
An unlucky driver crashed their £200,000 sports car just moments after they picked it up from the showroom. The brand new Lamborghini Hur...

Hushpuppi, Woodberry and friends defrauded 1.9 million victims - Dubai police

10:59 am
The Dubai police today revealed a footage showing the details of how the arrest of Nigerian Dubai-based and Instagram celebrity, Raymond ...

Lightning kills at least 107 in India monsoon

10:53 am
At least 107 people died from lightning strikes in northern and eastern India on Thursday, officials said, during the early stages of the...

Man kills wife, dumps corpse in well

10:51 am
A forty-year-old man, Abdulrahaman Abdulkarim, is now in police net in Katsina for allegedly killing his wife and dumping her corpse insi...

Shock as 6-year-old boy ‘commits suicide’

10:48 am
Police in Kilifi are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 6-year-old boy, who is alleged to have committed suicide ...

42-year old Kenya married man dies on mistress after overdosing on Viagra

10:46 am
A 42-year-old man, who hails from Kakamega Town, Kenya died on Wednesday morning after allegedly overdosing on Viagra. Kakamega Central ...

Dubai Police seizes $40.9m cash from Hushpuppi, with 119,580 “fraud files” and 1.92 million victims. explains arrest

10:43 am
Dubai Police have seized $40.9m in cash and more than a dozen luxury cars in the arrest of Hushpuppi, Nigerian Instagram celebrity accuse...


Man on life support dies after relatives unplug ventilator in order to use an air cooler

5:32 pm
A man on life-support in a hospital in India has died after his relatives unplugged his ventilator in order to use an air cooler. The 4...

See photos of couple involved in murder/suicide incident in Lagos + graphic photos from the scene of the murder

9:05 am
Here are photos of Chris Ndukwe and Olamide Alli, the couple involved in the murder/suicide incident that happened at Victory Park esta...

Donald Trump announces 10-year jail term for anyone who vandalizes public statues amid Black Lives Matter protests

9:01 am
Donald Trump has authorised the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalises statues and has warned that any culprit who commits t...


Woman hospitalized after she was allegedly brutalized by her husband for refusing to abort her 3-month-old pregnancy

10:07 am
A woman has been hospitalized after she was allegedly beaten up by her husband for refusing to get an abortion after she got pregnant fo...

Sad! Man stabs lover to death, commits suicide In Lagos

9:40 am
A man, Chris Ndukwe, has reportedly committed suicide after stabbing his lover, Olamide Alli, to death at his place of residence on the V...

Hollywood writer and movie producer, Steve Bing, 55, commits suicide by jumping off building

9:37 am
Steve Bing, an American producer, philanthropist, and writer has died by suicide at the age of 55. According to TMZ, he died on Monday Ju...