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New ‘Game of Thrones’ spin-off series confirmed by Emilia Clarke and George R. R. Martin

Wife narrates how a lady sent a DM to her husband, telling him he doesn’t deserve her because she is fat (video)

"I've noticed a difference in the way people treat me"- 21-year-old girl shares her weight loss journey after shedding 89Lbs in one year (photos)

Unmarried players and fans will be jailed for 7-years for having x during 2022 World Cup - Qatari govt

I don tire, I no do again - Commercial x worker cries out after bouts of x with her client (video)

Elon Musk's son files to change gender, name, and to end relationship with his father

Woman 'marries' ragdoll her mum made for her and 'starts family' with him

Cristiano Ronaldo's staff crashes his £1.7m Bugatti Veyron into a wall in Spain (photos)

Boyfriend 'strips girlfriend nkd' and then flogs her in the presence of his friends for allegedly cheating on him in Kwara (video)

Good Samaritan rescues 2-year-old girl abandoned on roadside in Enugu

Woman whose left leg is more than double the size of her right leg due to a rare condition reveals rude remarks she's received from strangers (photos)

Woman ordered to pay child support to man who allegedly raped her when she was 16 and give him full custody of their daughter

Family sue Houston hospital after doctor mistakenly gave 4-year-old a vasectomy during hernia surgery

Lady refuses to shake her teachers during her graduation ceremony for allegedly making her senior year hell (video)

'Patients refuse my help, spit at me and often ask 'What are you?' - Britain's first transgender paramedic says

Woman reveals she has to bath four times a day because she has a rare condition that makes her smell like fish

I woke up from a coma to find my fiance had ghosted me and moved in with someone else - Woman reveals

Nigerian man captured on camera forcefully brushing his wife's teeth and beating her (video)

Woman allegedly turns into a Half-cow Half Human after sleeping with married man (video)

See the response a man got from his girlfriend after he pranked her that he was inviting another girl to his house for sex

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