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"My heart is in love" Catholic Priest hangs up cassock as he announces he's found love

Youtube star, Kayla Nicole Jones hailed for being real as she shows off her post-baby body (photos)

Piers Morgan blasts British Army for banning words 'lads, sportsmanship and mankind' in order to be seen as 'gender neutral'

Former TV Gladiator, Shadow, looks unrecognizable in mugshot photo after he got hooked on drugs and admits role in blackmail plot

Heartbreaking picture shows dying Covid patient being comforted with ‘fake hand’ so the victim doesn't feel alone

Former 'Bachelor' star, Colton Underwood says he feels 'awesome' and 'free' after coming out as gay

Viral video shows Black high school football player forced to sit in locker filled with banana peels

Neymar caught watching illegal stream with X-rated images of women popping up

Porn star, Marame Edet 'Ugly Galz' reacts after a follower said he sees her private part for free (video)

"Since men have decided to misbehave, we are ready for them" Sex therapist says as she ties and buries male and female statues to bind lovers forever (video)

Woman stuns Twitter users as she shows off her 'flat' stomach six months into her pregnancy

P0rn Star, Hungarian claims she provided escort service for three Manchester United Players

Home inspector caught on camera masturbating with a child's Elmo doll in client's nursery

Influencer posts video of her drooping eyelid after surgery gone wrong

Woman with Guiness World Record for longest fingernails cuts them after nearly 30 years

Boyfriend edition of what I asked for VS what I got: Woman shares photos of her boyfriend before and after they began dating

Fuel attendants try to locate the ''fuel tank'' of a Tesla car after its owner brought it in for a test (video)

Heavily pregnant athlete wins gold medal in Taekwomdo at Edo 2020 (video)

Woman gets trapped on escalator at shopping centre after freak fall (video)

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