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Jason Mamoa living in a van parked in his friend's yard after his split from Lisa Bonet (photos)

Unvaccinated man denied heart transplant by Boston hospital because he refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez slammed by her uncle for forgetting her family

Woman drinks her own menstrual blood and uses it as make up on her face, says her husband approves of it (photos)

Man divorces his wife during wedding reception after her song choice at their wedding sparks family row

Woman gets dumped after donating her kidney to her boyfriend

Man donated kidney to his girlfriend’s mother only for her to marry someone else a month later

54 year old Woman gives birth to her own grandson after carrying baby for daughter who was born without a womb

Man who was switched at birth says he resented his mother for not swapping him back as he grew up poor while the other child grew up rich

Man wearing 'Star-wars' T-shirt ejaculates into Disney toys in Supermarket (photos)

Woman, 26, rubs friend's spm on her face claiming it gives her clear skin and she won't have to buy expensive creams again (video)

Man shares rude note he received from a delivery driver who intentionally delayed his food delivery because he didn't tip him

Bus driver who was sacked for 'being too short', gets her job back after filing an appeal

Toddler tagged 'Mini Hercules' as video shows him with huge muscles which is the result of a medical condition

People queue up to worship rare calf born with three eyes and four nostrils

Grandmother, 61, planning surrogate pregnancy with her 24-year-old husband

Crowd throw beer on mother who confronted a lady for flashing her boobs before her kids at a game (video)

'I found it refreshing!': Ulrika Jonsson, 54, admits to enjoying dating men as young as 26

Man's blocked ear turns out to be as a result of a massive cockroach hiding inside

Mum slammed for naming her baby 'Lucifer' as trolls say the boy will be 'bullied for life'

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