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Disoriented Joe Biden sticks out his hand to shake thin air and talk to himself after making speech where he falsely claimed to have been a professor for four years (Photos/Videos)

Video Reveal the moment Joe Biden looks lost at White House event as Kamala Harris and fans flock to see former President Barack Obama (video)

Biden administration to declare that Myanmar's years-long repression of the Rohingya Muslim population is a 'genocide'

Trump comes back to social media with his new $1b Truth Social platform

Trump files 30 page lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James to prevent further probe into his business dealings and hotels

‘Really a nice young man’ - Trump says after meeting Kyle Rittenhouse at his home (photo)

US President Biden transfers power to VP Harris over health ”issues”

US Vice President Kamala Harris to be acting president as Joe Biden undergoes medical procedure

Joe Biden's approval drops to 36% in new poll ratings

Joe Biden caught using prepared list of reporters during Q & A session at G20 summit in Rome (photos)

'US was clumsy in handling nuclear submarine deal with Australia'- Joe Biden admits to French president Macron

"He told me I'm a good Catholic and should keep receiving Holy Communion" Biden says after visiting Pope Francis amid controversy over communion (video)

Trump called ex-press secretary from Air Force One to defend shape and size of his pnis, new book claims

Former Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu mocks Joe Biden on Facebook live suggesting he fell asleep while meeting new Israeli PM (Video)

'Impeached twice and defeated twice' - House speaker, Nancy Pelosi mocks Trump's plan to run for president in 2024

France issues angry response after US snubs it in nuclear submarine deal with U.K and Australia

Donald Trump says he’d beat Joe Biden in a boxing match

How many terrorists will Joe Biden bring to America? - Donald Trump slams US leader on Afghanistan evacuation mission

Kamala Harris blasts China during first trip to Asia as US Vice President

Kathy Hochul To Take over As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announces resignation following multiple sexual assault allegations

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