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'"He’s completely LOST it! Biden will be forced to resign - Former White House doctor, Ronny Jackson predicts as he questions US President's cognitive ability

Top US Military generals feared Trump would attempt a coup after the election and planned for ways to stop him, new book reveals

'I saved his life, where would he be without me?' - Trump slams US Supreme court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh for not supporting his electoral lawsuits

US warns China it will defend Philippines if Filipino soldiers are attacked in South China Sea

Trump to sue Facebook, Twitter CEOs over being banned from their platforms

See US senator, Lindsey Graham's assessment of Joe Biden's first six months as president

Biden stops federal executions of prison inmates restarted under Trump

China’s president Xi Jinping warns Taiwan on independence, sends message to the US

"A disgrace" - Trump blasts Joe Biden for reversing his border security policies

Joe Biden to allow at least 10,000 deported asylum seekers whose claims were dismissed under Trump to return to US

'It was a good day for Russia' - Trump blasts Biden-Putin summit in Geneva

Dementia rumors surface again after Joe Biden mistakes Libya for Syria three times during press conference (video)

Trump claims ‘absolute immunity’ and cites First Amendment in defense against new Capitol riot lawsuit

President Biden signs anti-Asian hate crimes legislation amid surge of attacks on Asian Americans

Nancy Pelosi calls on world leaders to boycott China 2022 Olympics

Trump says 'there is no way Joe Biden won the election' after new poll claims 67% of his voters do not consider the president to be the legitimate winner

More than 100 Republicans threaten to form 3rd party in protest over party's allegiance to Trump

'His mental and physical condition cannot be ignored': More than 120 retired military generals write open letter questioning Joe Biden's mental health

Former US Pres. Trump blasts Facebook for extending ban, calls it a crime against free speech

VP Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi make history as the first women to lead Senate at US President Joe Biden's first address to Congress (See photos)

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