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"It is going to be a disaster for Russia if they invade Ukraine" - US president Joe Biden says as Russian forces do joint military drills with Belarus

Prominent Afghan Professor arrested for criticising Taliban on social media

Heartbreaking photos of the malnourished 3 month old baby whose hungry mother can't feed due to war

Watch Taliban behead boutique mannequins in Afghanistan because they are 'offensive' to Islam (video)

Taliban bans barbers from shaving and trimming beards in Afghanistan, says its not Islamic

Taliban bans Afghan women from travelling without being escorted by a male relative

The international community has no choice than to work with the Taliban - Exiled former Afghanistan president says

US military says no troop or official will be punished for Afghan drone strike that killed innocent family of ten including 7 kids

U.N. to Distribute $300 million a year cash handouts to families with children and aged to avert mass poverty in Afghanistan

Hundreds of former Afghan forces have disappeared or were killed by Taliban - Human Rights Watch

Malala Yousafzai celebrates graduation from Oxford University 9 years after being shot by the Taliban

"We've been left to die" British dad stuck in Afghanistan with wife and children cries out

Afghanistan: Taliban unveil new rules banning women from appearing in TV dramas

Kim Kardashian fly Afghan female footballers to UK

Russia and Belarus deploy soldiers close to Poland border as UK airforce intercepts Putin's bombers over North Sea

Chinese hypersonic missile launch is very concerning - US Army chief, Mark Milley says after America fails its own missile test

China vs Taiwan: Taiwan's President for the first time confirms presence of US troops on the island

Humanitarian crisis: Desperate parents sell their babies to get enough money to feed their other children in Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

Taliban beheads rising female volleyball player and posts photo online, coach says

Taliban leaders are welcomed in Moscow as Russia seeks to exert influence over region (photos)

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