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Mum who shared anti-vaccine and anti-mask posts on social media dies of COVID-19

Boxer Amir Khan is kicked off American Airlines flight by US police after mask row

Mother and daughter who refused to take COVID-19 vaccines die in same hospital ward, weeks apart

US Lieutenant Colonel resigns over Biden's 'tyrannical' vaccination mandate

West Sydney Health takes a swipe at Nicki Minaj for spreading misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine

4-year-old girl dies from COVID-19 after anti-vaxxer mother got the virus

640 people in England died from Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated - New report

‘F*** them, f*** their freedom’ - Howard Stern slams those who won't get the COVID-19 vaccine

Couple who lost son to Covid-19, wins lottery twice in two weeks

Fully vaccinated Las Vegas flight attendant dies of COVID-19

Mother delivers baby three months early after being left in a near-fatal coma by covid-19

Father, mother, and son all die within a week after refusing COVID-19 vaccine

Scientist from Wuhan lab warns more deadly variants of coronavirus are set to emerge, more reasons you get vaccinated

Actor Michael Jai White reveals his oldest son has passed away at 38 years of age from COVID-19

I should have gotten the damn vaccine - Dad sends heartbreaking text before dying of Covid-19

Over 2,000 injected with fake COVID-19 vaccines in India

India's legendary athlete Milkha Singh dies of Covid-19 complications aged 91, days after his wife

New York City to offer $2500 cash prize each to 10 citizens for getting COVID-19 vaccine

Family shocked as woman believed to have died from Covid returns home two weeks after cremation

Coronavirus:'China should pay ten trillion dollars to America and the world for death and destruction caused' - Trump fumes

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