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Monday, June 10

Funny Toheeb recreates Adunni Ade’s iconic birthday dress


Saturday, May 11

20 Insanely Cute Items Every Food-Obsessed Person Needs

2:30 pm
Be one of the first to comment and tell us how helpful it is.... 1. This hand-painted  ice cream trinket dish  that will never ever m...

26 PICTURES That Are Both Really, Really Dumb And Really, Really Funny

12:13 pm
Let's keep your day grooving  1. The juice difference: 2. The battle of the century: 3. Bathroom emergencies: 4. That p...

28 Poses Every Single Person Will Immediately Recognize and bust out of laugh

12:06 pm
1. The "Shower's Too Hot" Pose: Via  Twitter: @ComedyPosts 2. The "Comin' Through" Pose: Via  Twitt...

28 Memes To Make Your Weekend Great

5:10 am
Jump into the meme stream and enjoy! These 28 Memes To Make Your Weekend Great and full of laughter 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6...