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If you are the richest person among your friends, that relationship has expired. Move on - Clergywoman Funke Felix-Adejumo (video)

Victorian church changes its name from St Michael’s to ‘St Mike’s’ in an attempt to be more trendy to attract younger generations

Evangelical Pastor, Jesse Duplantis says Jesus is yet to return because people have not donated enough (video

Islamic televangelist Zakir Naik takes to Facebook to seek for wife for his son, lists conditions

"Wearing trousers for ladies is not a sin. Paying tithe is not a ticket to heaven" - Nigerian Catholic priest advises people to emancipate themselves from falsehoods

Nigerian pastor 'acquires Challenger Jet for kingdom work'

''Those who believe that the Christian holy center is in Jerusalem are not Christians - Daddy Freeze

"Private jet is next" - Nigerian pastor declares as he surprises wife with Lexus car on wedding anniversary for being a 'virtuous woman'

Priest filmed kissing female students on the mouth inside the church in a viral video

"When you pay your tithes, the harvest never ever ends," - US pastor, Mike Murdock

Outrage as Odumejeje is seen lifting the Catholic "blessed sacrament" after man dressed like a Catholic priest blessed it (video)

Priest questions why twice-divorced Boris Johnson was allowed to remarry in Catholic church

Young boys spray money lavishly in a church while being hailed by members (video)

Clergywoman, Laurie Idahosa responds after some Christians tackled her and threatened to unfollow her on IG after she took the COVID19 vaccine

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