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Model warns of plastic surgery as she came within hours of losing her nose after botched filler

See what "Catwoman of Hollywood" looks like now, years after she went viral because of her feline facial features

Man threatens to sue hospital after doctors allegedly forgot surgical blade in his abdomen for three years

Covid-19: Former NBA star Lazar Hayward arrested for faking vaccination documents

Twin sisters, 25, who have spent £140,000 on surgery to look identical, reveal they also want to have matching designer vag*nas

England bans lip filler and Botox injections for girls under 18

Supermodel Linda Evangelista says she was left 'permanently deformed' by fat freezing cosmetic procedure

Transgender Turkish doctor is struck off by the Health Ministry for 'offending public morality' by posting bikini pictures on social media

Influencer shares same photo before and after editing to show how 'fake' Instagram can be

Woman's extreme cheek fillers make her look like a hamster

Selena Gomez Weight Loss Diet And Workout Plan

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