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Nd photos and videos of popular female football referee leaked in revenge prn

Actor Morgan Stevens, 70, found dead at home after police wellness check - Details Revealed

Man Miraculously cheats death after falling off 30ft roof and breaking every bone in body

Texas synagogue siege: Black man charged with selling gun to British hostage-taker Malik Faisal Akram

Kenyan man kills his 4-month-old son after doubting his paternity (graphic video)

Housewife allegedly kills husband with pressing iron during argument in LAG

Teen teams up with two brothers to beat ''their stepfather to death after he sexually abused their sister''

Neymar's mother ''flees home after being attacked by young boyfriend Tiago Ramos''

Six-month-old baby dies after being caught in crossfire during shootout

Woman arrested after offering $500K to buy another woman's baby in Walmart checkout line

Killer of 5-year-old Hanifa describes himself as "loving, caring, self sacrificing, compassionate" on his Facebook profile bio

Former UFC, Bellator fighter, Maiquel Falcao stabbed to death outside a bar in Brazil

This is how Fraudsters dress up 66 year old man's corpse, then carry the body into post office to claim his pension

Body of baby boy found inside freezer after neighbours heard anguished screams

FBI finally reveals that blogger Gabby Petito was killed her boyfriend Brian Laundrie before he committed suicide

Man is found dead in his home surrounded by 125 caged snakes including black mambas and a 14-foot Burmese python (photos)

Mum drops dead after 'washing machine gave her electric shock' while doing laundry

''I am so sorry''- School proprietor who confessed to killing five-year-old Hanifa Abubakar pleads with her parents (video)

The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in car crash (photos)

Photo of 11-year-old junior student whose throat was slit by SS2 student of Borno boarding school for refusing to run errands

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