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Update: Man who slapped President Macron says he did it because of France's 'decline'

Football player, 18, arrested for beating his date to death after realizing 'she was a man'

Mother dangling crying daughter over balcony as punishment mistakenly drops her to her death

Body of six-year-old girl ‘kidnapped by her dad’ is found in bag 3,000ft below sea level

Bear rips off man's face in horror attack as friends try to fight the beast off with rocks

Chihuahua tears off woman's entire eyelid as she gets lashes done for her birthday (photos)

Seven arrested after a teenage boy is stabbed to death

Retired nun to plead guilty to stealing more than $835K from Catholic school to finance gambling habit

Toddler's hand chopped off by albino hunters pretending to be police officers

Mum mauled to death by pack of pit bulls while visiting friends' home

Brazilian wife 'cooks her husband's penis in a frying pan after killing him in self-defence" when they argued about splitting up

19 year old teen stabbed sisters, 27 & 46, to death 'after making deal with devil to win lottery’

Kenyan man who allegedly killed his wife arrested while fleeing to Tanzania

88 year old Farmer is charged with murdering wife after she is found buried in septic tank 37 years after he reported her missing

91-year-old grandmother raped and murdered in South Africa

South African woman sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for brutal murder of her husband

French teenager stabs father to death, records it and posts video online

France President Emmanuel Macron slapped in the face during crowd walkabout (video)

1,833 girls aged 10-19 impregnated within 90 days in one Ugandan district

Grandmother, father, mother & daughter are killed with 9 year old boy left fighting for his life after man hits them with his truck because they were muslims

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