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South African woman breaks record as she gives birth to 10 babies at once

Woman hold fakes wedding with a 'groom' and photographer to get 'revenge' on ex

“Jesus was my boyfriend” Pastor turned stripper says s.e.x work has made her a better mum than church upbringing - More Details

Pastor turned stripper says sex work has made her a better mum than her church upbringing

Woman stuns Twitter users as she shows off her 'flat' tommy six months into her pregnancy

I love her heart not her looks - Man says as he shares loved-up photos with his chubby girlfriend

Woman speaks out after being assaulted by her boyfriend who said he's allowed to cheat because he's a boy (video)

"I Am a boy? Literally I will cheat on You" Cheating boyfriend beats his girlfriend after catching her cheating (video)

Relationship counsellor, Cyril Lutterodt fingers woman on live TV (video)

Housewife who bleeds from her eyes during her period baffles doctors

Church members seen bowing to a dead goat nailed to a cross (video)

Alpha Woman seen in viral video giving her man a BACK RUB as he withdrew money from an ATM [video]

Man who said Covid was a scam fought for life in hospital and will now 'need oxygen for life' after contracting the virus

Former sex worker with two vaginas says she used one for work and one for romance

Man caught red-handed sleeping with another woman in girlfriend’s house (video)

Viral video Showing 4 Men Nab stowaways hiding at rudder of a ship heading for Spain (video)

White teacher forces 5-year-old black child to wash a toilet with his bare hands

3 university professors placed on leave after photos surface of them at campus event wearing and holding racist symbols

Man sends racist and hateful message to Danish aid worker, Anja Ringgren Loven referring to Nigerian children as "gorilla and niggers"

Viral video of church members praying and armed with different weapons to 'attack principalities and powers' (video)

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