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22-year-old woman who looks like an 8-year-old due to rare condition, reveals she can't do many adult things in public because people judge her

Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez slammed by her uncle for forgetting her family

Woman drinks her own menstrual blood and uses it as make up on her face, says her husband approves of it (photos)

Man divorces his wife during wedding reception after her song choice at their wedding sparks family row

Woman gets dumped after donating her kidney to her boyfriend

54 year old Woman gives birth to her own grandson after carrying baby for daughter who was born without a womb

Man who was switched at birth says he resented his mother for not swapping him back as he grew up poor while the other child grew up rich

Woman, 26, rubs friend's spm on her face claiming it gives her clear skin and she won't have to buy expensive creams again (video)

Influencer shares candid photos of her body before and after the festive season to show that it's normal for the body to change in a short period

Woman reveals her next course of action after discovering she's related to husband following DNA test

Video of a man giving a hand movement to his lover while on a flight goes viral (video)

Woman calls out store after skimpy dress bought from them ripped open while she was partying

Man gives his ex-wife's current husband an appreciation gift as he thanks him for being there for his children (video)

Transgender man who gave birth slams nurses who call him 'mom'

Farmers carry out their duties in bathroom look to raise money for charity

Months after coming out as gay, Colton Underwood reveals that he avoided showering in men’s locker room to avoid getting ‘turned on’

Breaking: Cops called in after a Kylie Jenner obsessed fan hopped neighbor's fence to propose to her

Miss India wins Miss Universe 2021 (photos)

Man puts up his kidney for sale to raise Ksh 1.5M (N5.4m) bride price

Woman's lips disfigured after botched filler procedure

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