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London library apologizes after bringing actor dressed in a bare-bottomed monkey costume with a fake pen*s to encourage children to read

Student with the 'biggest lips in the world' plans to have more filler despite family hating her look

Woman dies after partner choked her during intercourse gone wrong

Man shares photo from polyamorous girlfriend's baby shower; says he and girlfriend's co-lover don't know who the father of the child is

Mum receives note from neighbour telling her to shut her blinds because they can see her in the nude from their house

Strippers invited to a naming ceremony in Lagos

Methodist Church votes to allow same-sex marriages

"Transgender people are intrinsically disgusting to me" - Czech President Milos Zeman

Married footballer Michael Owen allegedly begged reality star, Rebecca Jane, for 20 topless photos and told her 'leave nothing to the imagination''

Epic fight breaks out at Ghanaian bar 'over a seat' (video)

More than 30 women sue pornhub accusing the site of not seeking their consent before publishing explicit videos

Drama as married woman allegedly gets stuck to her lover during sex

Swedish-British presenter and model Ulrika Jonsson, 53, bares all as she strips for good cause

Villagers erect massive penis statue to bring forth rain

Lobster diver survives after being swallowed by a humpback whale

Model dumps her celebrity chef husband and starts dating her identical twin sister's husband

Naked woman trashing restaurant is tasered in boobs by police

Builder breaks down house he worked on 'after owner refused to pay £3,500'

Church member mistakenly shares s3x tape to church WhatsApp group

Pastor cries for help after side-chick ''locked his pen!s;'' says 'it can't get up, I miss s3x'

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