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'Penis snakes' that look like snakes but come from family of frogs, migrate from South America to Miami Intl. Airport where they've been living for the past two years (photos)

Court papers reveal former Catholic Archbishop, Theodore McCarrick took down pants of boy, 14, held and kissed his genitalia and said prayers ''to make me feel holy'

Formerly obese woman is totally unrecognizable in new photos after losing 11 stone to become a model

Mourners stunned as 'corpse' in coffin comes back to life moments before funeral (video)

Chinese billionaire who criticised the government is jailed for 18 years for 'Provoking Trouble'

Baby girl born with twin inside her stomach in extreme medical rarity

Wayne Rooney apologises to his family after leaked hotel images with women emerged online

Adventurer's plan to 'walk on water' for 3 weeks from Florida to New York in a floating bubble ends in just one day (photos)

One of the women who took pictures with Wayne Rooney in hotel room gets 'dumped by her fiancé'

Girl who became pregnant at 13 and claimed 10-year-old boy was responsible is pregnant again

Model Liziane Gutierrez undergoes emergency surgery to remove face filler

"Teaching Muslim women that Allah will reward them for tolerating their abusive husbands enables abusers" Muslim scholar, Shayk Azhar Nasser writes

Pastor renovates 60-year-old dilapidated mosque where he used to play with his Muslim friends

LeBron James Becomes First Active NBA Player With $1b In Career Earnings

Actress Mena Suari recalls 'unusual, weird' moment in 1999, Kevin Spacey told her to go into a side room with him to prepare for an intimate scene

Girl, 4, who found 220,000,000-year-old fossil gets museum display named after her

Boys wear skirts to school in protest after being told they can’t wear shorts in heatwave

Mum With Baby Bump So Small People Thought She Wasn’t Pregnant Welcomes Twins

Jeff Bezos donates $100 million each to CNN reporter Van Jones and chef Jose Andres for trying to 'unify a divisive world'

I’m grateful I lived long enough to see it - Plane crash survivor, Kechi Okwuchi bares her facial scars as she shares recovery journey

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