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How Dangerous You Truly Are According To Your Zodiac Sign - Find Out Here!

 How Dangerous You Truly Are According To Your Zodiac Sign - Find Out Here!
Biologically, human beings are animals- higher animals as biologists would have it called. Have you ever seen a situation where human acts irrationally, and the conclusion of the victim would cause him or her to call that human an animal?

Below are what is expected of you when you are in danger-mode according to your zodiac sign.
NOTE: The listing is in order of dates only, not in whatsoever order of magnitude- - danger is danger regardless of its magnitude. Watch out!


-They Are Users:
They know how to use people to get what they want be it position or revenge expertly. They are the best manipulators of zodiac signs.
 How Dangerous You Truly Are According To Your Zodiac Sign - Find Out Here!


-Feeling insecure, Flair-up easily:
They lose their temper, suspect you because they don’t seem to trust you. They attack you first because they see you as an enemy or a rival. Pisces have the tendency to shed blood if they smell blood.

3. ARIES – (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19)

-NO to Boss and Authority:
They boycott success, they hate to be ruled- they prefer to be the boss. They delight in finding shortcut to success, thus engage in unethical means.  They are rebels becoming assassins.

4. TAURUS – (APRIL 20 – MAY 20)

They are persistent in doing evils because it is hard for them to shift gears. They are a one-way driver, if they have determined which decision to go, then all their hearts are into action on that direction and trust me if I tell you that nothing by any means shall stop them.

5. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

-Two faces:
They are never sure of what to do or who to give loyalty to, they lack consistency. They are not reliable. They prefer the low class of crime- -stealing, pick pocketing, they are even not sure of what crimes to commit.

6. CANCER - (JUNE 22-JULY22)

-Nostalgic By Birth:
They always revisit evil acts they have carried out; in them is a magnet that attracts them to do it repeatedly. Since they are reclusive, they relax by committing crimes passionately. They are addicted to one crime only; they have a stock character nature of crime.

7. LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22)

-Tell It To The World!
They commit crimes, not because they cannot do away with it but because they want to make a statement. They always want to make their intentions known; they want you to feel them. Leo will do anything possible to get to you.


-Deadly, But With Innocent Look:
You find it hard to suspect them of committing crimes, maybe because of their innocent look or that they have planned so well not to leave any stones unturned.  They hardly leave traces behind for you to catch them. Their chance of going scot-free after committing crime is so high than other zodiac signs. You find them in hackers, hired assassins, even burglars.

How Dangerous You Truly Are According To Your Zodiac Sign - Find Out Here!9. LIBRA – (SEPTEMBER 23 – OCTOBER 23)

-Never Walk Alone in Committing Crimes:
 They always have partners-in- crime because if they carry it out alone, they shall be caught or because they fear doing it alone. They appear most in gang crimes like bank robbery, gang raping. Usually, they are the ones that initiate the idea of crime, but would seek support of others because of its finishing part.


-Occultic and Extremely Aggressive:
You tend not to know what’s up with them, they carry out crimes from their heart of hearts with so great intensity. Extremely aggressive; their scorpions’ venom are keenly felt emotionally. Cultists, hired assassins suit them well.


-Cunny and Reckless:
They can’t be caged, they can’t be tamed, and they are grade- A liars. They are always found missing whether in a cage or a lock-up.


-High Thoughts of Oneself:
The steady and slow mountain goat thinks to know all, but at the end…….Capricorn would blame himself in leaning on to his understanding and knowledge. They commit crimes, in which most of the times, they do not seem to get away with them. They would be caught; they would always leave traces behind.

This is How Dangerously You Truly Are According to Your Zodiac Sign
is written by Ola Moses
How Dangerous You Truly Are According To Your Zodiac Sign - Find Out Here!
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