Things Men Absolutely Hate According To Their Zodiac Sign - Don't Do It If You Care For Them

This article tells you things to know that your spouse, loved ones detest. Read and comprehend for you not to step on their wrong foots.

ARIES:  Don’t Be In Tango With Them

Aries are temperamental; they cough out anger in no time at the slightest moment, even in their reserved time. An angry man is never a safe man to be with- I think you know.

TAURUS: Resist The Temptation To Take What Is Theirs

Do not take or try to make move of stealing what belongs to Taurus, wait for their approval before accessing their belongings. Know that his belongings is in people, wears, money amongst others.

GEMINI: Do Not Shut Them Up!

When Gemini speaks, he lets out his heart, so please do not stop him from doing so. Also note that interrupting him midway when talking pisses him off. He will feel worthless, inferior and you may never see him smiling again.
Things Men Absolutely Hate According To Their Zodiac  Sign - Don't Do It If You Care For Them

CANCER: Watch What You Say To Them.

When rebuking them, please put a guide and measure what you say to them emotionally. They are easily put to the ground by words, if you speak once they hear it twice and read meaning to it. They are so emotional.

LEO: He Is The Only Boss

Allow him to run the show, Leo is offended when you share his opinion to your own credit. He gets offended when you try stealing attention that belongs to him, he will hate you for doing that.

VIRGO: You Can’t Win Them In An Argument

Keep your cool and save your energy on something else, your energy becomes waste when you argue with Virgo, he will always floor you regardless of your data. Virgo will not surrender to you in an argument.

SCORPIO: Be Real With Them

Though the truth is always bitter, but do not try to give a Scorpio sweet words that come in lies. Somehow, the truth will be revealed to him and you will lose him forever if he finds you a liar.

LIBRA: Spare Him Options

Take pressure off him, do not tell him to decide, avoid putting Libra in a state of compromise. You will be making him go through hell if you do this to him and he will hate you for it. Learn to give them one choice only and they will be with you.

SAGITTARIUS: Never Compel A Sagittarius

If he has chosen to go, please let his decision stands. Do not use any side of attractions to force him to stay. Doing this will make you see his ugly side. In the case of Sagittarius, do not try to mend what is broken- just let it go.

 CAPRICORN: Do Not Live A Fake Life

Always show your real face and gut to them, they hate pretence. Don’t call yourself pilot when you are not to gain their attention, you can lose them forever if you do this. They appreciates you and love you more for who you really are. Avoid surprise package in this category when dealing with Capricorn, they may hate you for life if you do so.
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AQUARIUS: Don’t Try To Change Them To Your Taste

Leave them as they are; do not try to influence them by whatsoever means. You will be wasting your time, energy and resources if you try changing them against their will because they would never yield to the supposed transformation. They only open the gate of change within them without any external influences. They are only ready when they are ready.

PISCES: Avoid Playing Games On Them

Pisces takes thing serious; nothing is a joke to them. Be careful of the prank you play with them, be careful of the jokes you crack with them. By now, you should know they are over sensitive and emotional. Secure your friendship and relationship with Pisces by avoiding that.

is written by Ola Moses

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