How To Make Him Addicted And Stick Around You According To His Zodiac Sign


Come out of your boredom world and go wild like fire- be free as bird. Aries’ man is a no dull man. So be ready to create fun with him. Don’t be moody, always come before him in bright face and look.
Be the wild version of yourself- then he is yours forever. Aries’ man does not play cool. So don’t be so cool and gentle. You have to be weird and crazy.


A woman with a sheepish look, cool and gentle face appeals more to Taurus’ man than any other ladies. Taurus is the direct opposite of Aries. Are you a bit shy as a lady? If yes, then you are Taurus’ pick. He loves to play cool and not weird.
As a lady, if you want a Taurus’ man to stick with you, don’t be too open in the public. Then he can count and love you even more.


To make him run with and after you, value yourself and don’t take less than what you deserve. Don’t look pitied, let him know you are a strong woman who can run alone if need be.
Do this and he will take you more serious, value you more, and you will become his number one priority.


Let him know you respect and value him. If he knows, he will surely reciprocate as he makes you his number one companion. Let him know he is so important to you; his head swells up and will go to the end of the world for you to prove you right.
He won’t go to nobody else because you are the only one that really makes him feel like a real man.

5. LEO

Since Leo seeks perfection in all things, as a lady, you have to be almost perfect in all you do. Maximising your abilities is one of the many things that will make him settle down with you.
Excellence is only what he craves for, if you have this, then he’s yours forever. Look serious and be serious really, also don’t forget to make him your benchmark in your dealings. If this takes place, then he has nowhere else to go.


Virgo does not want much, but you must be good. Possess good virtues- respect, honesty, empathy, the list continues. Virgo man would say NO to a harsh lady, NO to a social butterfly kind of lady. Exhibit good upbringing, be traditional (good values) in the way you carry yourself about.
If you can do what’s stated above, then he’s with you forever.


A Libra only want a woman as a mother – not wife. At times, you will have to decide for him, spank him a bit. Not that he is really poor in doing these by himself, but he just want someone that can take good care of him, a wife in the capacity of a mother.
At times, he needs to hear “Honey, you are already delaying this, start working on it today”. If you can work in this capacity as a lady, then he sticks with you forever.


Little details matter to Scorpio, he doesn’t want you to but the world for him, but a little act of kindness will make his day and make him lively. Giving him a chilled cup of water upon looking stressed sends a very sensitive message to him.
He will climb Mount Everest for your satisfaction and give you beautiful feelings of love.


SINCERITY!!! In another word, Truth. Always say the truth, don’t fake emotions or things. Be sincere in your dealings with him, don’t pretend to be what you are not. Tell him the truth even if it will hurt him, it’s better than the white lies people say put there. He will be so disappointed if he finds out you lied.
Be plain and naked in all you do, then he can make you his forever person.


To become his favorite, learn how to appreciate him for his good deeds and thoughts. He likes to be emotional, he likes to hear your confessions and feelings about him always.
By so doing, he feels secured and valued with you alone and he will do all things to be close with you.


Aquarius man never wants to walk alone, he wants a woman that will take interests in what he does. He wants someone that values and appreciates his hardwork. He only craves for a support system in a woman regardless of the season he finds himself.
If you fit well into this capacity, then Aquarius man will never let go of you.


Pisces man can’t do without a woman that carries responsibilities. He wants to talk less that he may dream more. If you know what you have to do at the right time, without disturbing his quiet time.
He desires a smart and thoughtful (creative) young woman. If he eventually find one, he’s not letting go.

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