Mike Tindall reveals what really happens during Christmas at Sandringham with the royal family

Ever wondered what goes on in the Royal house at Sandringham? 

Let’s get you properly informed.
Last year Mike shared what happens during this season on House of Rugby alongside I'm a Celebrity star James Haskell. 

He affirmed that Christmas is good at the estate with The Queen; "So Christmas Day is a little more quiet because it's actually a cold buffet because they give everyone the day off, and their big day is Christmas Eve." 

“The Family all sit around to watch the Queen's speech together "with a little glass of something." Last year, the Downton Abbey Christmas special was a popular choice with many other family members when it came to television choices. "I don’t watch it, but there's a lot of people who do," he said.
He also mentioned that even though the staffs are allowed to have a day off, there's always a lot of meals and gifts. 
"My wife is incredible at present buying. It’s unbelievable. There will probably be - each year at Sandringham - this year, I think there was 27, and she takes presents for each and every one of them. But then before, so, what is it? The 26th, so two weeks ago we had the family Christmas lunch which is ALL extended family members … Maybe 50, 55 - and she buys them all presents."

As a tradition, royals exchange presents on Christmas Eve. Marlene Koenig, confirms that, the British royals still follow the German tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve. The members of the family who are present at Sandringham exchange gifts, usually not expensive. The gifts are put out on a trestle table after tea time." Marlene added that it is most likely that the royal children will also open presents on Christmas morning at Anmer Hall, which will be from Santa.

It’ll be some sort of reunion, plays and tons of fun for the children. 

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