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7 things we learnt from Harry and Meghan's crisis documentary: From their security, home and more

We’ve shared so much on the Sussex’s recent announcements, reactions from fans and members of the Royal family. This had led a crisis meeting which will take place today Monday in the Queens Norfolk estate. 

While these discussions begin, let’s share with you some things you can pick from documentary on ITV, Harry & Meghan: A Royal Crisis? with Chris Ship interviewing Tom Brady and presenting. 

  1. The announcement is no news to Tom. He had interviewed the couple last year, and Meghan spoke about "surviving". "Did you think at that point, two months down the line, that Harry and Meghan would be announcing that they would want out?" asked Chris. "Yes, I did think that," said Tom.

  1. Who pays for their security in future which is currently funded by British taxpayer.
On their Sussex Royal website, Harry and Meghan stated they no longer want to receive anything from Prince Charles’ Estate which Harry is funded but Tom notes: "You have to make sure that the British taxpayers don't feel cheated, which is central." "That's key isn't it?" agreed Chris. "Anyone who thinks they're having their cake and eating it, this will be a problem for Harry and Meghan going forward, and for the royal family." "The money thing is key," Tom said.

  1.  Will the Queen let the Sussex’s have her Frogmore cottage when they’re based in the UK? Her Majesty owns Frogmore Cottage, and will decide if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can live in the cottage. 

  1. The Sunday Times correspondent Roya Nikkhah, on the documentary said: "The thing about Canada and America is that Meghan has a good friendship base there and contacts, from when she worked in Suits." Writer Hugo Vickers agreed, saying: "I'm quite sure that Harry and Meghan want to leave the UK, and will leave the UK, but that does not mean they will leave the monarchy. This is giving the monarchy a very exciting new dimension. There are obviously practical problems, but I see a big horizon opening up, internationally and trans-atlantically."

  1. Will the Sussex’s be UK or Canada based? Tom said: "One of the questions to which I don't know the answer is, are they at the point where they just write off Britain? I've got to tell you, my hunch is, no I don't think they are. I don't know about her but for him, I can't stress enough, he loves this country and he believes in the monarchy and even now it's possible to construct something where, maybe the half-in half-out model does work, but it's going to require a lot of careful thought and imagination and as we discussed, with an incredibly careful eye on the British taxpayer. The British taxpayer has got to feel that this is a deal that works for them otherwise, that's toxic."

  1. The Duchess might take on endorsements or return to Hollywood maybe on shows that support charities and causes she’s interested in.Meghan could even be a brand ambassador for companies such as Apple.
  1. Prince Harry is passionate about his charity work and will keep focussing on the Invictus Games and Sentebale. He has already spoken to Sentebale to reassure the charity that he has a life-long commitment to them. He is also interested in eco-tourism.

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