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How Each Zodiac Sign Breaks Your Heart (The Way They Tear Your Heart Apart)

Getting a heartbreak is the last thing everyone expects in a relationship. We all expect our love to last for as long as we live, with that one special person we call ours. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. One cannot choose the way they want their heart to be broken, it simply happens based on personalities.

Everyone has different personalities and they react differently to emotions. According to our zodiac personalities, here are the different ways each zodiac sign will break your heart.

 ARIES: MAR 21 – APR 19

The brave, mean and independent façade of the Aries sign scares people off at first. It is almost difficult to believe that they can be kind-hearted, friendly or even romantic. 
An Aries will break your heart by giving you the impression that they are not interested in long- term commitment. This can be devastating for someone who dotes on them.


Like the bull itself, Taurus find it hard to let go. Loyal to a fault and determined to get whatever they want or feel they deserve, Taurus do not give up easily or back down from a challenge. When a Taurus is mad or upset about something done by someone, presumably their partner, they do not let go of the anger that easily. They will break your heart by reminding you of a past wrong committed long ago.


Fiercely sociable and friendly, the Gemini have a hard time believing they are committed to someone. They live their life by sharing every fleeting moment with the public on their social media platforms. With a Gemini, everything has to be made known to the world, and this can be intruding and heartbreaking for their partner.


Being the most attentive are caring of all the zodiac, Cancers are an ideal partner one can wish for. They care for you, provide a listening ear to your woes etc. However, the downside to being in a relationship with them is the fact that they can come off as being too clingy as a result of their devotion. A partner who is not willing to give  you a breathing space can be a nightmare or generally someone you do not want to be with.

LEO: JUL 23 – AUG 22

Like the lion it represents, the Leo sign is fierce and strong. On the good side, you do not have to worry about faithfulness when you are in a relationship with them. The bad side however, is the fact that they are vain, and full of ego. A Leo will break your heart by making everything all about themselves, with little or no regard about others around them, including you.

VIRGO: AUG 23 – SEP 22

Virgo is the most organized and level-headed of all the zodiac signs. The good side to this sign is that they are your best choice for maintaining order and bringing stability to people’s lives. Virgos, however, can cause just as much havoc as possible with their jealousy and constant doubt in their partner. Mistrust of Virgos can cause a dent in their relationship.

LIBRA: SEP 23 – OCT 22

Of all the zodiac signs, Libras are the most hopeful and endearing. Libras love love in a relationship. A little attention shown to them will make them fall for anyone, and this often makes them susceptible to meeting the wrong people. The one thing about Libras that can be make being in a relationship with them difficult, is their tendency to try and control whoever is in a relationship with them.


Being the most intense of all the signs, Scorpios are probably the best signs that show love. However their fierce love often translates as being controlling or clingy. A Scorpio will break your heart by being too interested in every part of your life. They seek to control the ones they love out of the pure and strong loyalty they possess. They often get misunderstood, which can make them give up or back away.


Being very adventurous, Sagittarius can be fun to be with. They love to get involved in a lot of adventures and trips. Being with a Sagittarius requires you to be able to match such energy and vigor, and if you do not, they can feel wounded. Sagittarius have such high expectations, and not meeting up with them will make them feel bad which they will take out on you eventually.


Capricorns do not easily open up to people emotionally, but when they do, it is usually for life. However, winning them over is not so easy, as they can be mistrusting of people so much. If you find yourself in a relationship with a Capricorn, there is always the question of whether or not they trust you. A little problem of trust can make them act irrationally.


Sharp –witted and smart, Aquarius have a problem keeping their sharp tongue in check. Although some people will appreciate those qualities, it should be checked as it can be hurtful to your partner. Try to avoid arguments with your partner as you can unknowingly hurl heartbreaking remarks that can damage your relationship.


The daydreamer and the wildcard, Pisces can be wildly emotional sometimes. They take life so easy, and relationships even more so. A Pisces will easily get attached to someone, but do not get over their exes easily. The painful , heartbreaking thing about Pisces is their unwillingness to let go of their past relationships.
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