11 Warning Signs You Are Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted


How can one tell when they are physically exhausted? It’s easy, you would be unable to do any more work due to the weakness of your body. Physical exhaustion is easy to spot and notice. Mental and emotional exhaustion on the other hand, not so easily noticed. 

It is possible for someone to go through mental or emotional exhaustion or both, and not know about it until it is probably too late. 

It is most common in people who are prone to experiencing long term stress due to work or several other factors, and you can notice that you will be emotionally drained most times. Nonetheless, there are signs that will show you that you are mentally and emotionally exhausted. 


One might attribute this to excessive eating or not eating well due to stress. Although it is usually the case, the stress, excessive appetite or loss of appetite is as a result of mental and emotional exhaustion. The stress levels directly or indirectly affect your feeding pattern which could lead to weight gain or loss.


Anger becomes increasingly common when you are mentally and emotionally exhausted. You lose patience and can snap at anyone easily. Also, you get irritated and easily annoyed with people and things around you.


Lack of sleep is also known as insomnia, and it is common when you are emotionally drained. You find it difficult to sleep even when you are bone-weary tired. Insomnia can also lead to other more serious issues including anger. It is important to see a doctor when you find yourself taking forever to get some sleep.


Your appetite can be affected by a lot of things, one of which includes mental and emotional stress. It could also cause fluctuations in your appetite. For example, you find yourself eating normally today, and the next you can barely eat anything at all. Whether you eat more or less, your weight will be affected.


This happens when you have several things to worry about. It can also happen when your mental and emotional state is drained. This is because they are not at rest, and thus you find it difficult to concentrate on anything you want to do. It is often associated with insomnia because the brain is expected to be rejuvenated during rest or sleep.


The state of your mind invariably affects the body. When your mind is drained, emotionally and mentally, your body will also be affected, and this can give way for the introduction of diseases related to stress. Examples are colds and flu, with frequent reoccurrence even after treatment.


A person who faces serious mental and emotional trauma or stress will always be too weary to socialize with other people. They tend to be caught up in their own world of loneliness to bother or care about getting a breath of fresh air.


When illnesses, insomnia and appetite problems set in, it limits the way you carry on your normal daily activities. This means that your mental and emotional state of health affects your work output.


As your mind is constantly at war with its own mechanism, it manifests itself as headaches and migraines. Whether or not you are busy, you feel headaches, often in specific areas of the head like the forehead or on one side of the head. Also, it can be felt generally on all parts of the head.

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